Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The 8th Morning

We are on "Christmas Break" and staying with the in-laws. Begotten son spends his time with them and I just catch snippets of him throughout the day. Which is really quite ironic if you've been following my post regarding begotten son and snippets. I love this little guy to pieces. Like all mothers since time in memorial.
Later, at 4 a.m., hubby and I will go to Misa de Gallo, and it will be my 8th morning. It is believed that if you finish 9 mornings (the complete novena for Christmas), you will have a blessed year. And that is motivation to make it to church at the crack of dawn everyday. Regardless of the night before. And it has been quite an adventure. I've had to brave Christmas parties and working late, and on my 6th morning I was actually just in the car outside the church cause I really couldn't make it inside without falling flat on my face. Christmas party. Forgive me.
Now, since I started going to the very first morning, weird things have been happening. Like really bizarre "unfoldings". Some of which are little bad karmas from something I've done this year, and some of which  that have totally nothing to do with me. Not to mention the strange feeling of knowing you have to wake up at 4 am everyday and go to church. There is so much anticipation. I use to wait for Santa.
In the past few days, begotten son caught a stomach bug and has been in so much discomfort. Mother-in-law has been so worried and had him brought to the doctor. He is just suffering from "babyhood". Still, my heartstrings have played a melancholy melody for the boy. He is currently on the way to recovery (from being a baby).
This is going to be the first Christmas without our dear Papa. And a few days ago, we got news that our long-time friend Heidi passed away. She was just in her mid-twenties, loved Gwen Stefani, the ultimate party host and thoughtful-little-gifts-giver. Her and Papa both had lung cancer. This Christmas, and forever, they are surely in a better place. But still, they will be missed in this place.
Peace. Love. Dream. Goodnight beautiful world.

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  1. Rolyn1:52 AM

    lai! pastilan dai it's been a long time na jud!you got married, now a mother and kagawad! big CONGRATULATIONS!!! cute kaau imong baby boy! I have a girl, she's turning 4 months on January 3rd. Grabe dai motherhood is a blast hahahaha
    Merry Christmas! when man ka balik diri sa jumerica? visit us here in Colorado!