Thursday, February 05, 2009

Road Trip day2: Dumaguete

Finally here!!!! My dear hubby, brother, cousins and friends have finally reached our destination! After being on 2 boat rides and endless hours on the road. 

The trip from Cebu to Liloan was breathtaking. Winding roads and limestone cliffs, dotted with old churches along the way. The water is always a wonderful shade of blue in the Islands of the Visayas :-) .

The boat ride from Liloan to Dumaguete was short, and the seas were pretty calm. A lovely day to go for a ride, thank heavens.

I am now happily blogging away after a wonderful lunch of fresh catch. Ahh so wonderful to be near the sea when you come from the mountains :-)

Peace.Love.Dream.Take a vacation.


  1. Anonymous6:41 AM

    Wow! Your country is so beautiful! I'm visiting your blog from swap-bot (CatInTheHat) and I'll definitely come back to see more of your lovely pictures! Feel free to visit my blog too;

  2. This is so neat! I wish I could take a trip like this, but there are no good boating destinations from Dallas. I'm glad swap-bot pointed me here!

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