Saturday, October 28, 2006

A busy busy day!

I was up at 7 am today (and slept early last night too) because it is going to be a looong day. As of this very moment, I have only managed to get one thing done from my list of a gazillion things to do! The moving of the site took longer than anticipated (haha it's almost like moving apartments!) and I am so happy it is working properly. In the next few days I shall tweak it some more, but for now I am just happy that it works in all browsers and is in perfect 3-column format (spent a whole hour just fixing that problem). What a geek.

Next up is finishing Ryan's costume for his Haloween gig tonight, clean the house and make my costume if there is still time. Yes, my priorities have changed a bit, hahah clean the house before my costume? C'mon Lia! I don't have a choice cause tomorrow I have a scheduled shoot here in the house followed by a dinner to be cooked by Joe (and Blair hahah!). Really excited about that.

A day is not enough! A lifetime is not enough! Busy is good.

On other news, I just looked at my brother Emman's photos and saw that the Cagayan gang is in Manila. Shhyyyyeeeettt I wanna be there too hahahha! I miss you all.

Back to work for now.

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  1. your bloggie looks more neat in blogger service than xanga. but then again i always think blogger is more adult oriented than xanga. hehehehhe