Monday, October 30, 2006

Happy Halloween Ya'll

click here for photos from the Crazy Costume Party Night!

What a weekend. The party at Zamakibo was fun fun fun and everyone came out in full force. Such a trip! I did finish my dress, although the skirt was a size too big (but nothing that a bunch of pins couldn't solve). The guys all played wonderful and DieRockersDie was extremely a blast to hear! I'm just so glad it wasn't as chilly this year as it was last year (hence the oppurtunity to wear a strapless outfit haha).

Then Blair and Joe spent the rest of the weekend with us in the little house of summerdays which was a nice ending to a hectic week. We got Joe's photos done without much hitch and I even got to shoot Blair wearing my costume hahha.I shall be posting those in the new blog since I believe that it does fall in the creative category. This half and half blogging is too fun. I feel quite organized already (Oh and I got a phone call from Angela at 4 am which I am not quite sure what I was saying cause I was half-asleep! Hope you guys figured out the Tilapia situation.) .

On other news, the Cagayan de Oro gang is partying it up in Manila right now and I have been so happy that brother is posting photos. Haaaah, they make me excited to go home. And on that note I leave you a photo of my favorite Divas and founding members of 'Nao Style.

And with much pride in my former divalette who has proven time and time again this year why Divadom has now been conquered and well understood by Rita, Queen Diva 'o6 as La Lohan:

i cannot cannot get over this hahahahahah

Peace. Love Dream. Goodnight Beautiful World.

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