Thursday, November 09, 2006

Day 1: Pilates

So yeah. I have finally opened my Pilates DVD. After 6 months I think hahahah. I did my first work-out tonight and can proudly say I finished the whole thing. I was sweating like a jock and breathless like a debutante. Day 1. THis time it has to last :-)

Last time I tried any form of working out was doing yoga years ago after I was going to therapy for my slip disc. One notable thing of that stint was doing yoga with Paola drunk of our asses. It was very relaxing and nauseating at the same time. Figure that out. Ah I miss 21-F Burgandy. The whole few months stint did result in some form of flexibility.

I have been interested in Pilates for quite awhile because when my back problems were bad years ago, my mom's friend gave me this whole copy of a Pilates work-out book. It's still probably in one of my boxes. Then I saw my aunt last Christmas and she was looking great as a result of Pilates. Then I saw my brother's photos from a beach trip and one of his friends has this amazing body as a result of Pilates once again. So many real results. Time to see for myself.

Heheheh so hope this works. I am not getting any younger, or healthier, and gravity seems to be working overtime I notice. The race is on.

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