Saturday, November 11, 2006


I spent an hour the other night chatting with Arvin, a super friend from Fine Arts. It was so great catching up and talking about what everyone else is up to. I super super miss them all. Another thing to look forward to in going home (that and eating meals at mamaRaens pretty home!).

So glad that Saturday classes are over. I need the extra time. It's weird, three years flew by fast and these last months seem like forever. Trully beautiful. Cannot wait!!! Gotta keep the momentum up hahha. The plan is to get a job (oh yes!) and then see what happens from there. Being based in Manila for work is fine, like Ben said, career muna and then hometown dreams. Well said from someone who knows.

On other news, if you know anyone who is near the L.A. area, please tell them to go to our CSS show at the Tribal Cafe on Nov. 22! I will be selling my crafty creations for the first time so I would really appreciate the support! Will be posting more info later on as the date closes in. Fun!

Steve-o, my ever reliable talented neighbor is making my product stand :-) I am quite excited as to how it will come out. He came over tonight and I showed him my products and my requirements and he kept nodding and mentioning specs so I pressume he got what I wanted. Hahha Steve always gets it, no matter how vague I can be.

I am so blessed with such amazing people around me!!! Ang galing-galing!!!

On that note, goodnight. Peace. Love. Dream.

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  1. can't wait li! we'll cook up a feast i promise. hang out lang, eat, drink, and just catch up. excited na ko!