Wednesday, November 15, 2006

weddings and friends

Congratulations to Rolyn!!! I cannot believe she is really, really, really married ahhaha. You look so beautiful dai, and the gown fits you so perfectly :-). And I loved your make-up, and the cake, and the photos, and the church, and everything!!! Believe gyud ko nimo. Period.

grabbed this photo from Rolyn's Friendster account (L-R): Jannie, Ruvy, Rolyn, Kristine, Maya and Dottie in front
I just had to grab this photo because the girls in the photo are our friends from way back in the day of Stella Maris (to thee we pledge our loyalty) and the Oroquieta life. My memories of them all really make me laugh and cry at the same time hahaha. Love these girls. I have not seen some of them in a long time, and yet when I saw this photo, it was comforting that they all still have the same smiles. I take that as a good sign of a life that has been kind to us all. (Now I can't wait to go home and dig up our old photos hahaha).
All my love to you Rolzy-Rolz and may you have a trippy and wonderful married life! Mwah!
Peace.Love. Dream. Goodnight.

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