Friday, November 17, 2006


Thanksgiving weekend coming up and I am looking forward to that. I dunno why. But I am. Was suppose to go camping with Marie but since I am below low budget right now, can't make it. So it's most likely Thanksgiving with Ryan's family. We were there last year and I had a wonderful time. Their pastor does some readings from the bible and it's really quite beautiful, so I'm looking forward to that.

I am definitely looking forward to not having Thursday night class. Hooray for me. I love the class, but now that it gets dark so quick over here, it's a nice break.

It's 2:43 a.m. and I am calling it an early night. I've been a good girl today. I got home from class and heated up my soup, watched the news (somebody got stabbed in NoHo today, and then tonight somebody got shot to death) and then watched some "Married with Children" while cutting up cloth pieces for my "Joey" wallets that I shall stitch tomorrow. Then I had a beer and made 4 of our "Take your Pick" pick holders (with Ryan cutting up the pieces and putting on the snaps). The show is on Wednesday already, and so far I have finished my brown-bag packaging, one-of-a-kind buttons (finished a LOOOONG TIME ago) and the button cards. It's like gradeschool all over again around here! I haven't seen Steve so I don't know how my stand is progressing. But all in all I feel confident I shall be ready on time. Designing products and patterns is one thing, making them OVER and OVER again is a whole different ball game. Man, I wish I was back home and just have someone else sew them all!!! Hahhaha. So it's a whole weekend of sewing for LiaLai. And some beers. And a lot of soup.

We live. We learn. We have fun. (And occassionaly loose our marbles).

Peace. Love. Dream. Goodnight ya'll.

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