Friday, November 17, 2006

I know I know

I know I was suppose to go to bed already, but I couldn't help go thru my photos from when I went home last March and post these (since tomorrow I will forget what I wanted to do right now. Thus, why I blog):

Ompong and me. Hhahaha I love my Filipino Roman god.
Emman and Boboi getting ready for a nightcap in 711. (I love Boi's tee! It says Medicine & Nursing! ahhahaha love it).

Mike and Arvin with Manny Pacquiao hahahahhaha.

Emman, Diego and Dos (yeah, move that sign why don't you! I dunno why he did that! Well, Emman and Diego seem so engrossed that they do look like they would just have continued walkign right thru that sign. Yay for Dos!)

"Hello dai? Abrihi sa palihug." Hi-tech doorbell system.

Meeeeeenn! We may be older, but we sure haven't changed that much.

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