Thursday, November 23, 2006

If I were....

If I were a BOTANIST:

I would find a way to turn our garbage and "smoky mountains" into a new rainforest.
I would find ways to let plants evolve in such a way that it can grow in a non-biodegradable environment. I would begin by studying underwater plants and creatures that grow on man-made reefs. I would practice with my own garbage. I will experiment if a balete tree can "eat-up" (or engulf in its rooting system) a pile of trash.I will cross-breed different plant species. I will envision a plan with my army of plants to take over trash. I will work with leading oligochaetologists to breed the ultimate earthworm: one that can consume plastic and turn it into degradable castings (I would love to have it in the form of soil, please Mr. Worm). I will pay close attention that these plants and worms do not take over the world. Hhahahhahahaha.

I will dream.

Oh I know, one day, this will be true.
Botanist: a scientist who studies botany.
Botany: Botany is the scientific study of plant life. As a branch of biology, it is also sometimes referred to as plant science(s) or plant biology. Botany covers a wide range of scientific disciplines that study the growth, reproduction, metabolism, development, diseases, and evolution of plants.
Oligochaetologists: people who study earthworms

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