Thursday, November 23, 2006

Crony capitalism

So I finally learned the word to use in describing our economy.

I asked my teacher a question today that he actually wanted to give me an answer to, but couldn't (although I sense he will try to find out since it greatly disturbed him that he didn't know of specific cases in history. He started mumbling words to himself, looking up at the ceiling...mentioning a REVOLUTION, no...that didn't necessarily work he said...hmmm he'll have to think some more...but no, he had no answer):

"Is there a cure for extreme corruption?"

No, I was not trying to be a smart ass by asking that question.

I asked that because I WANTED TO KNOW. And I was sad. None of my classmates know I am from the Philippines. They probably think, "Oh my God, she's so like, like into this class and shit." Hahhahahahha. And I am back exactly at square 1.

I'm afraid I shall loose my mind trying to find cures for ailments that is not in my control. The world will turn. Everything happens for a reason. But Oh! the joys of finding an ANSWER. Any answer! I shall never stop.
Crony capitalism: Used to describe a capitalist economy in which government or corporate officials and insiders provide lucrative opportunities for their friends and relatives.

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