Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Illegal Immigration and the International Student

I am up all night and ready to finish off tomorrow morning my final forum speech for Critical Thinking class. Princess Lia is going to take a stand on immigration reform and still deciding up to this time whether to focus on the side of The McCain-Kennedy Bill or The Cornyn-Kyl Bill. Ahhh I hope tomorrow it shall be clearer. Sleeping on an issue is sometimes a good thing. Either way, I know the greatest problem on reform is implementation. Tsk. Tsk. And how do I answer that critical question? It would be so easy to say,
"And that my dear audience, is beyond my power and we can only leave it in the hands of God."
Sigh. Sigh. Sigh. It may just be a class, but boy is it learning.

ATOMIKAI: I am done with school in a few weeks and I leave sometime in January :-) Excitement. heheheh. Magpakita ka naman oy!
TERESA: hi dai! will call you ugma, need some information for my next project. I need to know how much an accountant costs for a business hehehe your specialty. And will get your Joey wallet ready for when I see you. Hope work is fun now that you're back!

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    let's dinner!! my treat!

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