Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Once again I should be asleep already, but have been chatting with my brother-in-law Carl and he showed me the photos of their trip to Bukidnon. Always fun chatting with Carl, he is going to be legally my brother-in-law on January 27!!!! Yes, my sistah and him have finally set a date and I just have to announce it to my side of the spectrum ahhaha. I cannot wait! I am so excited for the wedding!!!! Our family is getting bigger!!! Yay!!! We love Carl, because he has always been like another brother to us, he has a sense of humor, he loves our sister, he is hard-working, and he loves FAMILY.

This is the first wedding in our family and we have no idea what to expect! Hhahaha. Thank you God for family moments such as these!

Here are some photos from Papa Carl:

Papa Carl, Laika and the men of the ranch enjoy some Manny Pacquiao!!!! (i love the fact that at the very same time I was screaming my lungs out at Tep's, they too were watching back home!)

Laika engulfed by her two aunties hehehehe.Our baby girls!!!!! Amaya and Laika hanging out in the montalVAN.

Angela and Laika in front of The House of Dreams (and Papa's Love Birds ahhaha).
I miss all my sisters and baby Laika. My pride is bursting all over the room as presiding Ate over such a funny, witty bunch of Little Women. Truly. And I laugh just thinking of them hehehe.
And I shall end this post with a video of my favorite Philippine artist singing a song close to my heart (thank you to my brother Emman for this link):

'Wag mong itigil ang Laban.

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