Wednesday, November 29, 2006


And the speech was delivered today. Aside from not having the required survey and missed 2.5 points, I am very happy with the results.
I did take a stand, and it was against Amnesty as a solution to the illegal immigration issue. I know, personally, I should not take that stand because I know a lot of people who can benefit from an Amnesty ruling. But this is not about me and my friends. This is Critical Thinking class. And even though I did start out with the hopes of proving that Amnesty is the best solution, my research proved otherwise. I shall not dwell on facts that will bore you because this a personal, fun blog after all :-), but that was the conclusion that I came to with my research on both sides of the fence. The gist of it all is this: Amnesty has been done before in the Reagan administration: 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act. It apparently did not solve the situation, for 20 years after, here we are again with the same problem.
And this project has taught me a valuable lesson in reading as much research as I can before making a stand. I just couldn't go about this backwards, could I? Build a case to back the result that I wanted? Oh no Princess Lia, that is not how it works. I learn. Everyday I learn and it is humbling.
But personally I think illegal immigration is just hard to solve :-) Why? It's the human factor. Figure it out.

Peace.Love. Dream. Try your mighty best to follow the law. Goodnight.

PostScript: The way I blab about issues and such, it sounds like I am going to school in Harvard or something, when the truth is, I am in a fashion school for crying out loud. Man, must I be so darn serious? Let's just look cute! Lets.

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