Thursday, November 30, 2006

Speaking of Harvard

Does it break my heart?

10 years ago, I dreamt of Harvard. Back in the ranch you will find a box of college catalogues from 1997 and 1998 from various ivy league schools in the US. Yeah, ambisyosa. heheh. But for whatever it was worth, those catalogues would put me to sleep at night. My first bedroom in Loyola Heights during my first year in college (I would ofcourse be doing my first year in college 3 more times after that hahahha), was filled with my future plans. This included posting the Georgetown University poster on my wall. It was the first thing I saw when I woke up.

I never worried I wasn't smart enough for these schools (the key word in acceptance is: DIVERSITY), I just knew that if I do get accepted, I wouldn't be able to afford it. Once again, in that box you will find a letters to the Financial Services of each school, written by a hopeful 16 year old me. Never mailed. Never had the money for the application fee for any of those schools.

But those catalogues were free :-) and they were beautiful. Somehow, I felt, that was enough.

Ah Harvard.

Last night I went to the website of Harvard. The first time in nearly 8 years. And I found out their rules had changed. You know longer need to worry about financing your Harvard Education, even as an international student. Listen to this:

Harvard Financial Aid Initiative
"Our doors have long been open to talented students regardless of financial need but many students simply do not know or believe this. We are determined to change both the perception and the reality."- President L.H. Summers

The Harvard Financial Aid Initiative (HFAI), announced by university President Lawrence Summers in March 2004, aims to reduce economic barriers to attending Harvard College by significantly expanding financial aid benefits to low and moderate income families. Students have long been admitted to Harvard regardless of their family's financial circumstances. They are chosen on the basis of their outstanding academics extracurricular, and personal qualities, with the hope that they will bring to Harvard the widest possible diversity of life experiences and intellectual perspectives.
Beginning in 2006, parents in families with incomes of less than $60,000 will no longer be expected to contribute to the cost of attending Harvard for their children including room and board. In addition, Harvard will reduce the contributions expected of families with incomes between $60,000 and $80,000.
There is no separate application process for the HFAI. Interested students, including transfers and international students, should instead apply to Harvard through the regular application process by the established deadlines, filling out all applicable financial aid forms. While there is an application fee, waivers are easily available upon request. Harvard College considers students for admission without regard to their ability to pay, guaranteeing to meet the full financial need of every student who qualifies for aid. Accepted students who qualify under the new initiative will therefore automatically benefit should they choose to attend Harvard. Further information on applying to Harvard College can be found at the admissions office website. "

I almost peed in my pants. Really. And excitedly checked out if I qualified to apply. And with much research, it is highlt possible I don't because of my Associates degree that I will be earning in 2 weeks. But even with that I still went out to check how much it would cost me and the schedules for the SAT and SAT II's. Just in case. :-)

Had I known about this on my first year....If I had just tried reaching for the moon, instead of believing I was already on it.

Ambisyosa. :-) Maybe in a few years. Which reminds me...maybe I should drop by Georgetown University again :-) Who knows? Opportunities change. The doors that were closed before to one dream have been opened. I should not have given hope all those years. Lesson learned. :-) Things change...

If not me, then whoever you are reading this that qualifies...GO FOR IT!!

As for me, I am just happy to go to my DECEMBER GRAD Luncheon today hahahah. Whatever that means.

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  1. Rolyn6:10 AM

    Lai! WOWOWOW! I am so happy and excited for you. Graduation is a great feeling!

    You are already on the moon. You probably just need to walk around and explore. Harvard or unsa pa na diha! You can totally do it!

    Are you going back home after graduation?