Saturday, December 02, 2006

Vote Selling

It's elections in the Philippines again next year. I think this time we should make a change.

VOTE BUYING is so outdated.

this time:


Yeah. Isn't it about time Filipinos realize that their vote is so important that politicians want to buy it? Raise your price people! Have some pride! Sure, sell it! They are so willing to buy it.

Yeah. Ask for a scholarship for your children! Ask for free lunch in public schools for the whole year! Ask for a trip to see the sea. Ask for a trip to Jollibee for your whole clan. Raise your price! Advertise what your selling your vote for! Place signs outside your house! Write it on your shirt when you go meet a politician. Yeah! Be honest! Let's all be honest! So even if there is whatever anomaly, no one will complain it was a dishonest election!

And be smart. You know how politicians won't give you the money for your vote unless their local mole in your purok has proven (thru carbon voting, or whatever crazy means) that you did vote for them? Well, don't even go to the polls until you see a contract of some sort for what was promised. Carbon copied, filed a hundred times and signed ten times.

Yeah. If you must buy. Then allow the people to sell.

It's a free market in May. Come one. Come all.


  1. count me in. I'm still flip citizen, i can still vote and yes i can sell my vote... finals are coming, I need some tuition bills to be paid hehehhee

  2. Anonymous3:29 AM

    patawa ka talaga..