Saturday, December 02, 2006

Mi cutey bebe

I love him!!!! Hhahahah. I designed this adorable little thing for a toy design competition online two months ago. They announced the winners today :-( and cutie bebe and me didn't win. It's okay :-) I love him!!!
They gave a story to work on in coming up with the design, and its suppose to be an alien baby found under the ocean and he was suppose to be beyond cuteness. :-) Ryan thinks mine was the cutest (hahaha but he is partial ofcourse!) and really fit the story. But I guess not what they were looking for (or found) under the ocean.
Their having another competition for another baby in their line...Their called Starbys by the way. I'll join again. It's free anyway. For all its worth, it is quite fun to create cute alien babies :-)

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  1. whats this? a blue hamster or ferret?
    happy holidays