Sunday, December 03, 2006

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photo from Philippine Inquirer website
Another typhoon is wrecking havouc again in the Philippines. I pray for all those areas that are greatly affected at this time. Weather is beyond human power :-( but I pray.

The weather is really getting scarier and scarier now. If you have not watched Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth", maybe it'd be a good idea if you check it out. I insist. I know it is already in the Philippines because Greenpeace had a screening of it last November 22 in SM Megamall.

The purpose of this movie is really to get laws passed that focus on environmental protection, as there seems to be a problem with that here in the US. On December 11, 1997 Al Gore signed the Kyoto protocol, but this is the position of the US for now. The United States (the world's biggest emitter of greenhouse gases) and Australia have signed but have not ratified up to this day. Russia finally ratified last 2004.

I applaud France's prime minister for proposing to tax imports from non-signers of the Kyoto plan.

As for us in the Philippines, in fairness to our legislators, have been trying to do what we can to ease global warming. We signed the protocol on April 15, 1998 and ratified on November 20, 2003. The Biofuels Act , as of last Wednesday, has been ratified by the HOUSE and by evening was ratified by the Senate. Please read it. If the implementation will go as planned, it will change so much of our everday lives. And in even more "in fairness", the main author of this bill is Bukidnon 3rd District Rep. Miguel Zubiri.

I am also very proud that the Environmental champion in the House is Bukidnon 1st District Rep. Neric Acosta. He authored the The Philippines Clean Air Act of 1999 and tirelessly addresses environmental issues. He is also against the dividing of Bukidnon into two provinces, butting heads with Gov. Jose Zubiri, who ironically is the father of Miguel. Miguel was the one who passed the bill for the division in Congress. The wonderful ironies of Philippine politics. Let's just say I am happy that Bukidnon Representatives have authored important environmental policies and leave it at that. For 'nao.

And that is it for early morning news. Go now and check out "An Inconvenient Truth" and may you have a new lease on life.

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