Friday, October 31, 2008

Bumbled Out

I do have a day job. A highly stressful one given the circumstances (which I won't give). My time with my only begotten son is snatches here and there, and same goes for my husband. I love them both dearly and my husband and I know that one day it will be just us and we don't have to work so hard all the time. But for now, I have to compete for the mother of the year award in the most bizarre manner.

Like spending the whole night (it is now nearly 3 am) making a bumble bee costume for begotten son's halloween trick-or-treating tomorrow. More like later today. 
I pretty much had all the materials on hand (the joys of being a craft material hoarder), 'cept for yellow fabric. So I sweetly asked the hubby if I could have one of his yellow shirts. He must have thought I was stark raving mad. An ambitious project this one. But he obliged me after a few comments here and there. The only problem was he was only willing to let me cut the sleeves. 
Oh well, begotten son is not that big. Sleeves will do fine.
I'm done with the main outfit, my problem now is the wings and antennae. That is why I am online to look for an idea what to do. And just drop a post while I'm at it hehehe.
P.S. the son had woken up about an hour ago, and I just had to let him fit the costume. hahahaha 
I really better get back to making that costume. 
P.S. Thanks for the comments! (and suggestion) :-)

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