Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Happy Halloween

Nearly couldn't wake up on time to make the trip to hubby's house for the trick-or-treating. But still managed to get some work done on the way. I wish it were a week-end everyday so I don't have to work. Hehehe but why should I complain? Is it not enough that Everyday is a Summerday!
Only begotten son and baby sister catch up on MY sleep...take note...bumble bee hanging
Fairy and Jasmine's waiting for a ride....
Tadaaaa!!!!!!!! My bumble bee!!!!!! (hehehe he wants to buzz out of that stroller)
Lil party girls...
And you always need the force with you when trick-or-treatin' with Batman
And this lil witch nearly missed them all
Where else will you find a bumblee bee sorrounded by pretty ladies
While this witch prepares to fly out with that pole
And the mother of the year award goes to.....
So my first halloween as a mom has come and gone. And with just some lack of sleep, it was well worth it :-). I should take some pointers from my sister-in-law who came with costumes galore that she made herself for her two daughters. Hehe mommy work is fun. And the kids are now all in the living room, getting ready for their sleep-over. Begotten son is safely with his grandparents. Hubby is asleep beside me, after having quite a few to drink. And here I am blogging away.
Tomorrow morning we make the trip back to the ranch and be with our family friends who are spending the weekend. 
Hayyyyy.... Lovely. Always.

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  1. WHat cuties love the pictures. How fun little bee and the girls just awesome ! Glad they had a wonderful Halloween!