Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Pins and Needles

This was the very first pincushion that I made while I was still living in NoHo. It has been with me for 3 years or so. It has been ever so reliable. And I really cannot imagine a life without a pincushion! 

That is why I love the idea of The Pincushion Challenge. Every month the theme changes, and a pincushion is made accordingly. After which all creations are posted on the Flickr group page and you can enjoy seeing all the amazing pincushions! Just lovely. Specially if you are me haha.
I have never posted, but did try making one challenge once. So today, I decided, another shot is in order. (That and I do need a new one, a deeper one this time since all my pins are going thru the cushion with my old one)

This month's theme is "Monogram". 
I finally had some use for all the free clip-art I subscribed to from Dover. And luckily enough, I had a sample of monograms with the letter "G". I mean, it would have been better if it were "L" to represent my name, but no freebie on that hehe. And anyway, dear husband is "G" so this can work. So now I will have a pincushion with his monogram on it. Not bad. 

Once again I whipped out my ever reliable linen fabric (that I bought way too much off and have made so many wonderful things with but still so plenty left). I have never really done a monogram in my life, but I have seen some. It don't make me an expert, but sure does have some idea to start with! I had forgotten to put my interfacing when I was doing the satin stitch on the letter, but I put in on after cause it would have been so hard to do all those back-stitches. I am pretty sure that the outlines should be done in outline stitch, but I am not very fond of that stitch in small-scale pieces. I love backstitch. Must be the doodler in me hehehe

So for now, I am nearly done with some of it, but I have to go to bed and snuggle next to the begotten son. Work is a whole day event tomorrow and I do need some sleep. Even though it is ooohhhh so hard when there are so many fun things to make at night.

Hubby had gone home to his parents last night and I spent the whole night reading P.G. Woodhouse's "Uneasy Money". Just wonderful!! I finished the whole e-book in one sitting (lying down really with the computer by my side). I am voracious reader. And it was my first time to read a whole book from a computer. How wonderfullll!!! Just wonderful. The letters are big. I don't need the light on. I cannot get over it just as yet. (And when begotten son woke up, he just lied down there beside me quietly looking at the screen).
But I will always love the good 'old fashioned book :-)

Peace.Love.Dream. Goodnight beautiful world.

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