Friday, January 30, 2009

And he crafts

Dear Husband often drops by my craftroom/office/room-with-a-shared-bathroom-as-our-room. And sometimes he likes to tinker with what I have lying around. I was a bit surprised a couple days ago to find some fresh cuttings of my linoblock on the desk. 

And the culprit was finally captured! hahaha. Too cute. He was making a little heart stamp. 

When we were still dating, I brought him on a craft mission in the city to find some stamp carving blocks. We knew they existed here cause there are a lot of artisans on the side of the road who make stamps. He asked one of them where we could score some, and he gladly told us. I (of course) wanted to buy a huge block, but he told me to try a little first for I was used to carving erasers and this seemed way thicker and harder than that! 

Well...he was right. What the artisans were using (and I had now bought), was not a linoblock, but the material used for making soles of shoes!! My carving tools were just slipping and sliding the whole time! No progress at all. Hats down and applause to all our local artisans.

Eventually I did get some real blocks in Manila (the BIG City). But that material-for-the-sole-of-shoes is still there in his room in his parents house. A constant reminder of an impulsive crafter wife.

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