Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Stitch swap stitch

Nothing thrills me more than getting stuff in the mail :-). When I was studying and living with my grandparents in a small seaside town a long time ago, we (kids) were not allowed to go out except to go to school. So I spent most of my youth in the house, which probably can be credited for my love of creating useless things.

In the school, there was a black board in the hallway that was used as a bulletin board. On the side they also wrote the student mail list. A lot of students had penpals and had their letters addressed to the school. My classmate/friend Eugel Mae had a penpal from Pennsylvania and started me on the road of getting my own mail. Since that time, I have been sending little useless things all over hehe. Not useless all the time.

When I was living in California, I joined some swaps on-line, at that time the site that you could go to was Nervousness.Org. It focused on art swaps and I had fun. Some times I didn't get any back. There was one swap I joined in Xanga that happened while I was moving between apartments (including one month living in a friends' place), and I got my package in the mail, but never got to mail mine back. And it keeps haunting me, but I cannot find her address anymore for I lost so much of my stuff with all the moving. But I will find her one of these days and send her something and say sorry.

Then, SWAP-BOT came along. While pregnant with begotten son, I discovered swap-bot on one of my nights surfing the net. It was a playground for crafter-swappers :-). And since that time, I have once again gone back to that time long-ago, staying up all night, filling up a package/envelope with little wonderful gifts to send far away.

Some of the stuff I have made and sent  for swap-bot swaps:

And there is always something wonderful waiting for me in the mail too. 
Peace.Love.Dream. Swap.


  1. lai champ's current uyab (i say current because with him you never know...lol) works at the urban craft center in santa monica. i'm thinking about taking intro sewing over there since i've always wanted to learn how to sew in forever! check out their website: http://www.theurbancraftcenter.com/

  2. Anonymous10:36 PM

    Your artwork is really beautiful and your blog is a pleasure to read! Thank you so much for sharing with us!

    Kelli (a.k.a jmommy08)
    Gain Exposure to Your Blog Swap
    January 2008

  3. Anonymous11:38 PM

    tsada bai imong frida needleboook :-) loves ko