Monday, February 23, 2009

Oh dreams how I love thee

Apple tree bed by Attila Design

When I see something like this.... The more I want to LIVE.

I have just been spending hours looking for inspiration on Flickr, and as usual, it always makes me wanna daydream... 

Of our future little house... of owning a little deli.... of planting heirloom vegetables... of creating tiny things... of kissing dear husband every minute... of being a mommy begotten son will remember fondly... of writing stories... of baking apple pies... of rainy weather and cuddling my little family... of all the joys that a simple life will bring...

I am in the midst of stressful things with work, and this is the last night of my weekend. Dear husband is feeling a little under the weather, but we managed to go to mass this afternoon. Tomorrow another week begins. Tomorrow the 5-year plan continues.

Five years is the maximum amount of time I give myself to complete anything. I have found it is realistic for me, and achievable without going nuts. LOL. Right now I am in the starting stage of completing a 5 year goal for my work. That ever mysterious word in the premise of this blog.

But lets talk about daydreams.... My daydreams, are always about the time after the 5 years is done :-) Every time I get to caught up in everything, I stop and daydream. I lie down. Breathe. And dream. Then suddenly, everything is just something that has to be done... to get to next part.

And the funny part? After 5 years, my daydreams become work, and I sit and stare and dream about the next...

Crazy isn't it... I live in the future.

Peace. Love. DREAM of a beautiful world.

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