Thursday, February 26, 2009

Book dogworm

The obsession for books does not stop at the books themselves it seems. How can I resist? I  bookmarks! Speciall a DogWorm Bookmark! Wehee!

I saw my cousins' bookmark a few weeks ago at our little fam reunion and fell in love with the whole magnet thing. So I dug out the magnets from my stack of "just in case" materials and went about making one for myself. 
The little doggieworm I gave my mother. And I made a ballerina one for my aunt who was going home back to the States (which I just cannot upload cause the net is super slow.again.).

Life goes on in the boondocks and we are looking forward to watching the Rodeo at the Kaamulan this weekend! We loooove rodeos. 

And p.s. last night we won as a champion in another town on a 3-"fowl" derby! HootHoot! Everybody happy!

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