Thursday, May 28, 2009

Did you ever wonder...

What can a sand dollar buy?

It can buy you a ride...

And your own special island..

And a heavenly burger...

And it can buy you time...

And do you believe, at the end of a day, a sand dollar can get you all this... but you still have some change in your hands.

And you wonder..... what can tiny seashells buy?

Economics should be this simple. 

Peace. Love. Dream. Goodnight our lovely world.

(i spent some part of my childhood near this place, and i am currently here visiting my aunts and uncles, whilst bringing my son to his first dip in the sea. such happy memories. for me. now him.)


  1. my ex gave me a sand dollar necklace (he was a surfer)so...a sand dollar buys me memories of my ex? [i know,that's neither here nor there lol!]. i'm gonna see angela and diego tonight! =)


  2. Anonymous6:24 PM

    lovely. i should look for sand dollars when i get home, maybe i can buy myself a shack beside the sea. and then comb the shore for a few more dollars until the winter of my life.

  3. I don't know if sand dollar could give you heavenly pleasure! I don't think sand dollar even exist here in my country. But I should look for them when I'm going abroad. Hopefully ;)

    Beautiful pictures.

  4. I love the pictures!!!
    But sand dollar doesn't mean anything here, in my country. Well, I better find out ;)