Sunday, April 26, 2009


By no means am I overly obsessed with neutral! ;-) But these past months I have bathed in it. First, I made the after-party wedding dress for my amazing friend Bam who got married 2 weeks ago amidst everything that is natural. A lovely farm wedding filled with friends we love so dear. Might I add, it was a double-wedding with her younger brother, so double the fun!

I spent a weekend in Cagayan, literally draping this dress on her body. Friends would show up at midnight and bring some beers. When I got back to the ranch, I was EXHAUSTED.

And this past week was spent updating mom's company's product portfolio. Sorry, I cannot show the real photos due to our clients, but here's in idea: it's natural, and it's neutral. LOL.

So this week I am looking forward to COLOR. Lots of it. PLEASE. 
But I am stuck with paperwork for the next few weeks :-( and those only come in neutral shades. UGGGGHHHHHH. Save me from a pale world.

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