Friday, July 24, 2009

My first birthday

Okay, this is quite late (last month), but I have fast internet now, so might as well post these. 

The spawn turned 1, and we just had to give him a party. Of course I was telling Dear Husband that this will be the last time we are doing something like this. Something like hiring clowns and the like, that is. Something like staying up all night creating cupcakes Martha Stewart (or Jackson Pollock) would approve off, that is. 

The little "guests" from the farm came in full force, and albeit not in the photos, but the parents came too. For on the onslaught of his birthday talk, the ranch residents all had one request (unanimous at that): a clown. For as it so goes, they have only heard of these humorous beings, and would really love to behold one up close.  

I cannot even begin to describe how hard it was for us to produce these living things in the realms of something called "our budget". But as fairy tales often go, a fairy godmother, or in this case a fairy godMother-in-law, gave the customary lechon as birthday gift. We also got cakes from his godmother and (surprise) one from the ranch crew (made by the Executive Assistant Yvette's brother, using icing that I loooove). That left us with a few extra gold shillings to spend as we so desire.

And a success it was for little Spawn! Who also got his first hair-shave that day.

My sister-in-laws got him a little truck to ride around in too, which made the day of his little guests. 

The clowns (there were two of them by the way, for the price of one mind you) performed magic tricks as well, and the ranch is still buzzing up to now about rabbits that come out of hats. Those that had witnessed the clowns arriving and getting ready are all sure they did not see a rabbit anywhere amongst their belongings. Crazy it may sound, I know it's a trick, but I too did not see any rabbits on their persons, coming or going. 

*sigh* How wonderful it is to be a mother, and to totally have the power of fairy dust in your fingertips and create magic. Thank you, Up Above. For this. All of this. 

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  1. Anonymous5:51 AM

    so it begins... lol! lai, the party looks so awesome! i love the streamers and the colored balls! your creativity never ceases to amaze me (cheesy but true). you know what, i swore to myself after vaughn's 1st birthday na all the stress, the staying up late, the frantic decorating -- di na gyud ma-utro next year. but well, here i am with vaughn's 3rd birthday coming up and already staying up late creating invitations and covertly printing labels at the office lol! xo teray