Sunday, August 09, 2009

I can be quite a cheesecake

Although I have been longing for a freer,more creative, bohemian-like existence of late, I do love what what I am currently working on, and the life I long for can be achieved in little snippets from the hustle of it all.

Like spending an afternoon and creating blueberry cheesecake. Just say "blueberry" out loud and it seems to take you away to a cute and lovely place in the woods, dotted with moss and cool like a pebble on your cheek. Where I want to be, with all the merry creatures in my head. Hahaha. Really, I am quite normal.

If you must bake, make it adorable. hahaha. Life becomes so bearable then. And Dear Husband and Older Brother loved this too. I hope it made their lives bearable. Then that would just be the perfect cheesecake. Blueberry. Blueberry. Blueberry. (it doesn't even grow here hahha, It came from a can in the woods.)


  1. lia, you always make my day.
    is this baked? oh, should you bake cheeesecake, try putting the pan on top of another pan with a little water. bake with the steam. makes the cake lighter.

  2. YUM! That cheesecake looks amazing! :D