Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas

I know it's late, but the other half of the world is still enjoying Christmas. I spent the whole day in bed, sleeping and watching Pooh and Friends with Dear Husband and Begotten Son. So peaceful.

We lost a friend this Christmas, and we continue to pray for her that justice may be given her for the unusual circumstances of her death. Gone too soon. She will be missed.

Work has been challenging and picking up pace, but I still choose not to blog about such matters. Maybe that's why I didn't blog for many months since I could talk about nothing but work. And that's a no-no on this blog. Yes, it is still top-secret as we go on to 2010.

The kids have grown and I am older. But oh how exciting life is.

Peace. Love. Dream. Merry Christmas beautiful world.

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