Thursday, December 31, 2009

Python in the backyard

The largest python was caught in the ranch on the morning of December 28th.

The cowboys were on fencing duty when they heard squeals from a wild boar in the distance. Following the sound, they saw a most bizarre occurence!

They saw 3 wild boars attacking a giant python that had already swallowed 1 wild boar!!!! They ran in fright calling for back-up.

This giant is now in the ranch compund whilst we contemplate on what to do with it. The other boars gave him a huge gash on his side and he is now being treated. It is 18 ft. long, and judging from the size of the boar inside his tummy, he can easily eat a person, worst, a child.

Can you imagine he grew to that size in the wilderness of the ranch? In this day and age, in a place where we are now sorrounded by so many people.

This ranch has to be preserved!!! Can you hear me Department of Environment & Natural Resources?

This giant comes at a very trying time as we are fighting not to loose this ranch to squatters and many other factors without much assistance from the DENR. We stand our ground, and may all the giants of the wild come out and say their piece.

Although whatever happens, it has been a most wonderful and exciting life living here. The only home me and the giant has ever known.

Peace. Love. But oh! Please dream you beautiful world. Goodnight.



    I found your blog while searching for dotee dolls. I love your blog. So interesting, and the photos are great!! FOLLOWING!

  2. Anonymous6:59 PM

    ey lia, was going through your blog and i wondered what happened to this monstrous beauty? did you decide to keep it alive?